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Adding a Product | Options

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The Options tab can be found when adding or editing a product. In this tab, you can add an option set and create SKUs and Rules based on the attached options.

Option Set

In the Option Set section, you can select an Option Set from the drop-down and see a summary of what options have been attached to your product. Learn more about creating product options.


Be careful! This option set will be tied with any SKUs or Rules you create in this section. Changing or removing the option set will result in these rules and SKUs being deleted, so be careful and make a backup of your product before changing it.

Options under the Options & SKUs tab


In the SKUs section, you can create and edit SKUs tied to a combination of product options. These SKUs can help you track inventory and analyze what variations of your product are popular. Learn more about adding product SKUs.

The Auto-SKU Generator is a great tool to help you automate SKU creation when you have several different variants.

SKUs under the Options & SKUs tab


The Rules section lets you add rules to your product options. These rules can automate certain behavior, such as price or image changes, when your customers select certain options. Learn more about product option rules.

Rules under the Options & SKUs tab

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