Adding a Logo to the Invoice Email

 Adding your logo to Invoice emails is great for branding. It's an easy way to let your shoppers know this email is from your store. To add a logo to the invoice email requires the use of the WYSIWYG Editor.

1. Go to Store SetupDesign, then click MoreEmails.

In some versions of the control panel, this is located under Setup & ToolsSet up your storeDesign.

The More > Emails link.

2. Click ActionEdit to the right of invoice_email.html.

3. Place your cursor just before %%GLOBAL_NoPaymentTaken%%, then press Enter or Return twice. This will create the space needed to insert your logo.

The %%GLOBAL_NoPaymentTaken%% variable.

4. Place your cursor on the empty line at the top of the file, then click the Insert/Edit Image button.

The Insert/Edit Image button.

5. Click Browse, then select your logo image from your computer.

The Browse button.

6. Click Insert.

The Insert button.

You can resize your logo by clicking the image, then clicking and dragging the bottom right handle that appears.

7. Save your changes. Your new emails will now have your logo at the top of the email like the example below.
Email Sample

To see what your new email looks like, you'll have to make a test purchase from your store.

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