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Adding Payment Logos to Storefront

Some themes allow you to display logos of accepted payment types to your customers. Follow these steps to select which logos you display on your store.

Example of payment logos displaying on a BigCommerce storefront using a Stencil-based theme.

Go to Storefront Design › My Themes, then click Customize to access the Stencil Theme Editor. There will be a section for Payment Icons in the footer menu to reveal your theme’s available payment icons. Note that payment icon options may vary from theme to theme.

Select which icons you would like to display on your storefront and deselect any you would like to hide. Click Refresh to preview your changes in the Theme Editor’s preview panel.

Example of the Payment Icons menu.

Click Apply Update to make your changes live on your storefront.


Where can I find the payment icon menu in my theme?

  • The location for Cornerstone based themes is under the header/footer menu. If you are using a different theme, it may be under a different menu. 

What does the blue dot next to a payment icon option mean?

  • If there is a blue dot next to a payment item it denotes a change you made that has not been saved or published.

What if my theme does not have this menu?

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