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Adding or Editing Users

A user account gives someone access to the control panel of your store and can be used to log into the BigCommerce Community. User accounts are typically used to grant specific permissions to staff so they can perform jobs related to their roles without having the ability to change or edit sensitive parts of your store.

For example, a store owner might create separate user accounts for their designer, salesperson, and warehouse manager. These accounts can be configured so that:

  • the designer only has access to areas of the control panel relating to the look and feel of the site
  • the sales staff can only create new products and change prices
  • the fulfilment manager can only update orders and create shipments

Having a separate user account that reflects each team member's unique responsibilities helps to optimize workflow and prevent mistakes. Users can be assigned a built-in user role, have specific permissions granted one at a time, and be allowed access to individual single-click apps. Only the store owner can create new user accounts.

For more information, see User Roles and Permissions.

Users listed on the View Users screen

Adding User Accounts

Each user must have a valid email address they are able to check in order to confirm their account and create or reset their password. For security purposes, users create their own passwords — they cannot be preconfigured by the store owner or other users.

1. Go to Account Settings › Users.

2. Click the Create a User Account button.

3. In Email, enter the email address of the new user.

4. Select a User Role for the user. See User Permissions to learn more about user roles and permissions.

User details

Within minutes of creating the account, the new user will be sent an email message asking them to confirm their address and create a password. The subject line of this email confirmation is "Confirm your BigCommerce account". If they don't see the message in their inbox, they may need to check their spam or junk folders.

Enable WebDAV Access

WebDAV is a way for store owners, developers, or designers to access the contents of your store directly via a network share on their computer or WebDAV client.

Check the box marked Enable WebDAV to give an individual user WebDAV access.

Once checked, the Password and Path credentials will be revealed, which the user will need when attempting to connect. The WebDAV username is the user's email address.

User WebDAV access credentials

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