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Guide to Running Your Store

User managing their BigCommerce store's analytics.

After launching your store on BigCommerce, you can start using all the built-in tools we provide to attract shoppers and manage your day-to-day operations.

Search Engine Optimization

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BigCommerce includes industry-leading search engine optimization (SEO) to help you rank higher in search engines and get more free traffic to your store. Our SEO Overview includes in-depth articles that teach you how to use our SEO tools, plus advice on how to develop a sound SEO strategy and optimize your store through keyword research, creating unique content, using our built-in blogging feature and more.

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Tip: Check out our BigCommerce Partners to find SEO experts who will help you maximize your search traffic.

Promotional Tools

Your BigCommerce store comes equipped with an assortment of promotional tools designed to help improve your conversion. You can easily create discounts, coupons and special offers, then promote them using your built-in homepage carousel and marketing banners.

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Tip: Explore our marketing apps to find more ways to share your promotions and expand your reach.

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Email Marketing

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Email marketing can be one of the most low-effort, high-return marketing tactics available when done properly. Our email marketing tools let you build newsletter subscriptions, segment your customers, promote products based on purchase history and even send abandoned cart reminders.

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Tip: Our email marketing apps can help you connect your store to email marketing platforms, create newsletters and more.

Social Media

More than 60% of online merchants consider social media a key growth driver. BigCommerce includes tools to use social media as a marketing tactic to expand your reach, and as a sales channel through features like Pinterest Rich Pins and our SocialShop Facebook app.

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Tip: Browse our social media apps to find solutions for developing and managing your social media presence, encouraging social reviews, creating loyalty programs and more.

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Client Example: The Smart Baker

Multi-Channel Marketing

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BigCommerce includes multi-channel marketing features that can help grow your reach. Sell to more shoppers in more places by listing products on shopping comparison sites like Google Shopping and major marketplaces like eBay.

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Order Management

Having a good order management system allows you to streamline your processes and ensure that orders go out on time, every time. BigCommerce gives you just that, with customizable order views, advanced search and the ability to quickly process orders from intake to fulfillment.

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Tip: We offer a variety of order management apps to help you manage backend operations and add advanced functionality.

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Customer Management

As an online merchant, your customers are your biggest asset. BigCommerce gives you the tools to manage your buyers and keep them engaged. You'll get the purchasing data and targeting you need to reward and retain regular shoppers, or win back customers you haven't seen in awhile. You can also enable customer accounts to streamline the buying process and offer retention features like wish lists and order histories.

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Inventory Management

The BigCommerce platform is designed to make managing your inventory simple and efficient, with a fast import/export tool, bulk updating and the ability to customize how you inform customers about stock levels.

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Tip: Our Products Overview will help you optimize your inventory management by outlining all of your options for adding, updating and tracking your products.

Product inventory examples.

Ecommerce Analytics

BigCommerce includes a powerful suite of analytic tools that allows you to analyze your store's performance so you can:

  • Make the most of your marketing budget
  • Optimize your inventory based on what's selling and what isn't
  • Identify and reward your most loyal customers
  • Uncover and take advantage of additional revenue opportunities

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BigCommerce Analytics Store Overview report example.

Store Maintenance

The BigCommerce import/export tool is a critical part of properly maintaining your store. You should be regularly exporting:

  • Orders: Exporting orders ensures you have them safe for reference and record keeping, plus helps you easily reconcile accounting.
  • Inventory: Using the import/export tool allows you to update your products or images in bulk for changes like pricing or stock level adjustments, and is also helpful for record keeping.
  • Customers: Exporting your customers into a spreadsheet program lets you better analyze and segment them for highly targeted marketing efforts.
  • Design customizations: You should back up any HTML/CSS changes to your store design so you can always revert to a previous version if something goes wrong.

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The BigCommerce download template files screen.

Another important part of maintaining your store is regularly reviewing your Store Logs. They're a record of everything that occurs on your storefront, including orders, payment transactions, shipping quote requests and newsletter signups. You also have Staff Action Logs available, which record general changes made in your control panel like design template updates, product imports and page edits. You'll see who made what changes and when they occurred, so you can quickly resolve any errors.

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Add Advanced Functionality with Apps

BigCommerce has dozens of apps to help you increase your traffic and sales, including integrations with email marketing, customer loyalty, social media and online advertising platforms. Just click the App Marketplace icon in your control panel to browse our apps, most of which install with just a couple of clicks.

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