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Boost Your Bottom Line with Abandoned Cart Saver

Image explaining that 68.53% of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts.

On average, 69% of online shoppers abandon their carts before checking out. Cart abandonment is inevitable and can occur due to many reasons including: shipping costs being higher than expected, subpar mobile shopping experience, no guest checkout option offered, and so on. The BigCommerce Abandoned Cart Saver recovers your lost sales by automatically sending a series of emails to shoppers who left your store without buying and reminding them to checkout.

Out-of-the-box our Abandoned Cart Saver recovers 15% of abandoned orders on average. However, these emails are fully customizable. You may brand them, tailor your copy, change their send cadence and even incorporate coupon codes or special offers to entice your shoppers to complete their purchase.

Abandoned Cart Saver Email Triggers

1. A customer is logged into their account, adds an item to the cart and leaves without purchasing.

2. A guest adds something to their cart, begins checkout by entering their email address, and gets as far as selecting “Proceed to Payment”.

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Calculate your lost sales now

Want to see how many sales lost saves you could recover? We’ll help you do the math with our handy Abandoned Cart Calculator.

What Our Clients Have Experienced

In our first eight months on BigCommerce Enterprise, we recovered more than $425,000 in sales using the abandoned cart saver.

— Ken Harrison of Enjuku Racing

Enjuku Racing logo.

It has definitely saved us time and money. It does all the work for us, literally bringing in nearly $45,000 of revenue in less than a year.

— Tim Angel from ZooGue logo.

I think it’s a no brainer. We saw immediate results in a few days.

— Greg Spence of The Broken Token

Broken Token logo.

The abandoned cart saver has recovered $50,000 in sales this year alone.

— Mike Jackness of Treadmill logo.
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