Stencil Themes & the Theme Editor

Video Summary

BigCommerce Stencil theme marketplace offers industry leading ecommerce themes for your online store. We’ve incorporated the latest best practices in technology, design standards, conversion, and SEO so you can build a stunning storefront that engages shoppers and encourages checkouts on any device. Every Stencil theme gives you access to the BigCommerce Theme Editor so you can customize it to fit your store’s unique brand.

Video Chapters

  1. Introducing Stencil Themes (0:05)
  2. Browsing the BigCommerce Theme Marketplace (0:23)
  3. Previewing a Theme (0:58)
  4. Viewing My Themes (1:28)
  5. Theme Editor (1:53)
  6. Changing Theme Style (2:14)
  7. Changing Theme Colors (2:33)
  8. Reverting to a saved theme edit (3:24)
  9. Previewing with Responsive Views (3:36)
  10. Publishing Theme Edits (3:53)
  11. BigCommerce Support (4:08)

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