SKUs & Tracking Inventory

Video Summary

SKUs, or Stock Keeping Units, are unique identifiers that allow you to do things like track product and variant stock levels and adjust the photo, weight, and price of a product based on it's selected options.   In this video we go through how to set up SKUs in BigCommerce using the built-in SKU generator and set up products to track inventory.  If you plan on tracking inventory, you will need to create SKUs for your products.
  • What are SKUs? (0:08)
  • Adding a SKU to a product (0:32)
  • Adding a SKU to a variant (0:56)
  • The SKU Generator (2:14)
  • Editing and deleting SKUs (3:49)
  • Setting up Inventory Tracking (4:01)
  • Inventory Settings (4:40)

Additional Resources

  1. Creating Product SKUs
  2. The Auto-SKU Generator
  3. Inventory Tracking
  4. Importing Product SKUs
  5. Exporting Product SKUs
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