Shipping: Real Time Quotes

Video Summary

If you would like accurate, dynamic shipping charges on your Bigcommerce store, you should incorporate real time shipping quotes. Bigcommerce integrates with several different shipping quote providers that are built right into the Control Panel including USPS by Endicia, FedEx, UPS, RoyalMail, Canada Post and Australia Post.
  • What are Real Time Shipping Quotes (0:08)
  • How charges are calculated (0:23)
  • Required product dimension & Weight settings (0:39)
  • Setting up Real Time Shipping Quotes (0:58)
  • Shipping Origin (1:05)
  • Adding Real Time Shipping Quotes to a Shipping Zone (1:21)
  • Creating Accounts with Real Time Quote Providers (1:53)
  • Carrier Settings (2:03)
  • Connecting & Configuring USPS example (2:26)
  • Testing Connecting by getting a quote (3:08)
  • Test shipping charges on your storefront (3:35)
  • Out of Zone Delivery Message (3:55)
  • Shipper HQ (4:06)

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