Product Filtering

Video Summary

Product filtering, also known as faceted search, allows your store's visitors to shop by attribute, like price, color, size, rating and more. It can make a huge impact in ease of use and conversion by allowing your customers to quickly find the products they want. BigCommerce offers Product Filtering on Pro and Enterprise plans.
  • What is Product Filtering (0:03)
  • Enable Product Filtering (0:27)
  • Display up to 12 Filters (0:31)
  • Custom Fields for Enterprise Stores (0:44)
  • Pages that can have product filters (0:57)
  • SKUs & Option-based Filters (1:12)
  • Product Filter Settings (1:20)
  • Changing the Order (1:35)
  • Disabling a Filter (1:42)
  • Product Filter Example (1:50)

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