Importing and Exporting CSVs

Video Summary

The BigCommerce Import/Export function can streamline your product, inventory, customer and data management for your online store. Importing and exporting via CSV gives you the ability to bulk edit and bulk add products all at once. This video provides a walkthrough of exporting a CSV from your control panel and then importing that CSV back into your store.
  • Types of data you can import into BigCommerce (0:07)
  • Types of data you can export from BigCommerce (0:12)
  • CSV Files (0:25)
  • Exporting products using CSV (0:45)
  • Bulk Edit Template (0:58)
  • Custom Export Templates (1:08)
  • Copy the export file (1:40)
  • Editing the CSV export file (1:46)
  • Importing products using CSV (2:12)
  • Bulk Edit Re-Import (2:18)
  • Uploading CSV (2:28)
  • Link Import Fields page (2:35)
  • Manually Mapping Link Import Fields (2:45)
  • CSV Import Summary (3:11)
  • Common Ways to utilize the Import/Export function in BigCommerce (3:30)

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