Domain Names and Email

Video Summary

This video will provide an overview for connecting a domain to your BigCommerce Store. Whether you already own a domain or need to buy a new one for your ecommerce business, follow the steps to apply your domain to your Bigcommerce store.

This video also covers how to create email addresses on your new domain, and forward them to an existing email address you already manage. If you already have email hosting with a third party, you can easily reroute your domain's MX records to your email host.
  • What is a domain name (0:07)
  • How to get to domain name settings (0:22)
  • Buying a domain name through BigCommerce (0:33)
  • Add an existing domain name (0:51)
  • Pointing nameservers (1:07)
  • BigCommerce nameserver addresses (1:15)
  • DNS propagation explanation (1:25)
  • Permanent URL (2:04)
  • Set up email forwarding addresses (2:10)
  • Set up an external email hosting & re-routing MX records (2:35)

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