Creating Contact and Content Pages

Video Summary

Content pages are a way to provide general information about your business or products. Original content is important for SEO and building your customer loyalty. Some examples of pages you might want to have on your store include an About us page, a Privacy Policy, a Contact page, and an FAQ.

Video Chapters

  1. Examples of content pages (0:08)
  2. How to create a basic web page (0:25)
  3. Web page options (0:32)
  4. Enter in web page details like name, URL, and content (0:47)
  5. Navigation menu options (1:15)
  6. Enter in page title & metadata for SEO (1:25)
  7. Save the web page (1:42)
  8. How to toggle the  visibility and edit a page (1:49)
  9. Creating a contact page (2:10)
  10. Filling out contact page details (2:30)
  11. Contact form field options (2:44)

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