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Ebay LINK is a third-party app designed for Australia-based merchants. Its goal is to make selling on easier by automating the creation of listings and sending of orders back to BigCommerce for fulfilment. Product listings and inventory are kept in sync with your BigCommerce store in real time. 

Additionally, within the eBay LINK app, you can choose change product details such as price or description without changing them in BigCommerce. This gives you more control over how products are listed on, ensuring you the best chance of making sales. You can also block certain products from being listed, if desired.

Install the eBay LINK app from the BigCommerce Apps Marketplace.



The dashboard of eBay LINK summarizes your Products and Orders.

Ebay LINK dashboard in the BigCommerce control panel

  • The Products section shows how many products are listed (or not listed) and why. You can also see a list of your top selling products on eBay.
  • The Orders section gives you a summary of orders received and notifies you of any order issues that you need to look at.

Product Syncing

Product listings and inventory on eBay are kept in sync with your BigCommerce store via full product syncs and updates as they happen.

eBay LINK will do a full sync of all products once every 7 days (usually on a Saturday night around midnight). All product information such as price, inventory, description, images, and title are updated.

In between the full sync, products and stock are kept up to date in almost ‘real time’. If you change stock in BigCommerce, eBay LINK will update the product listing on eBay.


Changing product details in eBay LINK: If you have created a pricing rule on a product in eBay LINK so that eBay has a different price to BigCommerce, the eBay price will remain as you have set it in eBay LINK, even if you change the price in BigCommerce.


Managing & Listing Products

Listing Products

To list a product on, you need to choose which eBay category to list it in ("category mapping"). For more information, see the Category Mapping FAQs.

Blocking Products

If you have products that you don’t want to list on eBay, you can block them after import. There are a number of ways to block (or unblock) products.

  • Single products: To block products go to the Products page from the left-hand nav. Search for the product(s) you want to block. Check the box then from the ‘Actions’ menu, choose Block all selected.
  • Block by Keyword: To block products by keyword, go to ‘Settings – Administration’ then scroll down to Product Exclusions.
  • Bulk Block: There is also a bulk block or unblock feature.

See Blocking Products from Listing for more information.

Product Listing Errors

Sometimes, not all products will list on eBay. If eBay LINK has tried to list your products and there is a problem, eBay returns a validation error. Any errors are listed under Errors in the Dashboard. See Product Listing Issues for more information.


Optimizing Products for eBay


If you want to price your products on eBay differently to your BigCommerce store (i.e. increase or decrease the price), you can do so via the Promotions feature. From the left-hand nav, select Promotions – Add new. You can apply a pricing rule to a group of SKUs or all products. See Pricing and Promotions for more information.

Product Titles

To maximize your chance of sales on eBay, it's recommended to optimize your Product Titles with keywords such as brand name, color, size, and description of the product. However, you may not want to add this type of information to your titles in your BigCommerce store.

In eBay LINK, you can change an individual product title for eBay. Go to Products – All Products and in the table on the right-hand side you will see a column Product Title on eBay. Click the product title to edit and save.

You can also create a rule to apply a change to all product titles. Go to Settings – Feeds and in the Product Name field enter the rule you want to apply.

See How can I tailor the 'Title' on eBay for my products? (eBay LINK) for more information.



Ebay LINK checks eBay for orders every 10 minutes. Once the order is made available, eBay LINK will import it and send it through to your BigCommerce store for fulfilment.

If eBay LINK is unable to send the order through to BigCommerce, you will receive an email notification and a message will appear in the Dashboard of eBay LINK under the Orders section on the right. You will be able to click through to the order to see what the issue is and what you need to do to resolve it. For example, it may be as simple as correcting a mismatching postcode.

Ebay LINK will check BigCommerce every 2 hours to see if the status of the order has changed to Shipped. Once the order has been marked as shipped in BigCommerce, eBay LINK will then update eBay with the Carrier and the Tracking ID. It is an eBay requirement that you need to provide the Carrier and Tracking ID to mark the order as shipped in eBay, so please ensure that you add this information to BigCommerce when you fulfill the order.

See Orders Overview for more information.


eBay LINK Support

If you have any problems with eBay LINK, please visit the Support Section in the eBay LINK Dashboard.

You can raise a support request or read through detailed FAQs.

Email support is provided Monday to Friday between 8am – 6pm AEST. However, support tickets are monitored outside of these hours and if a request is received that is considered high priority (e.g. orders are not being sent between eBay and BigCommerce), eBay LINK will work to resolve the issue.

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