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eBay Fees

The following overview is a basic explanation of how eBay charges fees for listings and eBay Stores subscriptions. This information can change at any time, so be sure to check out eBay’s resources for the most up-to-date fee and store subscription details.

  • Standard selling fees — includes a description of the different fees, how they are calculated, and other terms
  • Seller Center: Stores — includes a comparison chart of different Store subscription costs and features
  • Fee Calculator — enter your information to get an estimate of total fees for your item


There are two fees for listing a product in the eBay marketplace: an insertion fee and a final value fee.

Insertion fee
When you list an item for sale on eBay from BigCommerce, you'll be charged an insertion fee. The fee for one listing for one month is $0.30 for standard sellers and can be as low as $0.05 for eBay Stores subscribers.

All listings created in BigCommerce are Fixed Priced and Good 'Til Cancelled format. That means if the item does not sell after 30 days, it will automatically be relisted and a new insertion fee will be assessed.

  • All eBay sellers are entitled to (at least) 50 free insertion fee credits per month.
  • eBay Store subscribers get even more, based on their subscription plan.

Final value fee
If your item sells, you will be charged a final value fee. This fee is calculated as a percentage of the total amount of the sale, including shipping and handling charges. Sales tax is not included.

  • For standard eBay sellers, this is 10% of the total amount of the sale.
    • The maximum final value fee for standard sellers is $750.
  • For eBay Stores subscribers, this is between 4-9%, depending on the category.
    • The maximum final value fee for eBay Stores subscribers is $250.

Other fees
In addition to insertion and final value fees, eBay also assesses other listing/service fees including:

  • advanced listing upgrade fees
  • eBay Promoted Listings fees
  • supplemental service fees

Currently, these services cannot be administered/managed from BigCommerce and are only available from within your eBay account. You will not be charged for them unless you manually enable them from your eBay seller account.

eBay Stores Subscriptions

For merchants, particularly high-volume sellers, there are many benefits to having an eBay Stores subscription:

  • more free insertion fee credits
  • discounted insertion fees
  • lower final value fee rates
  • increased eBay buyer confidence
  • access to tools to help promote, advertise, and analyze your eBay store and listings

Store subscription costs range from $19.95 - $349.95 per month depending on package type and billing cycle (monthly vs. yearly).

Once your sales from eBay reach a certain point, you'll save money by having an eBay Stores subscription.

For example, take a standard seller who has:

  • 1,000 listings
  • 1,000 items sold
  • $10 per sold item
  • $10,000 in total monthly sales

Without a store subscription, this seller would assess $1,285 in fees:

  • $285 insertion fees
  • $1,000 final value fees
  • $0 store subscription
  • Total: $1,285.00

With a Premium Store subscription, this seller would only assess $659.05 in fees:

  • $0 insertion fees
  • $600 final value fees
  • $59.95 store subscription
  • Total: $659.05

Use eBay’s Fee Illustrator to enter your number of listings, items sold, and average order value to see how much you could be saving with a eBay Stores subscription.

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