Featured Products

The Featured Products panel displays products that you have marked as Featured. It's a great way to bring your customers' attention to products that are on sale, in season, back in stock, or just worthy of extra attention. The featured products offers more flexibility than other product panels by allowing you to select which products to display.

You can also choose how many featured products you want to display at a time; the featured products panel will shuffle which products are actually displayed. Note: there is not a way to display products in a static order.

A sample Featured Products panel

1. Go to Products › View. At the top of the list of products, there is a Featured column left of the Action column with white stars under it.

In some versions of the control panel, this is located under ProductsView Products.

A list of products with the Featured column highlighted

2. To feature a product, click the star to its right. When the star is filled in, it has been marked as Featured.

A product with the Featured star filled in

Click it again to take off the Featured status.

1. Go to SettingsStore SetupStore Settings, then click on the Display tab.

In some versions of the control panel, this is located under Setup & ToolsStore Settings.

2. Change the number next to Featured Products. If this number is lower than the number of products you have featured, the products displayed will change whenever the page is refreshed.

The Featured products display settings in the Store Settings area

3. Save your changes.

Referencing the panel in HTML

The featured products panel is called HomeFeaturedProducts.html. It can be found in the Panels folder of the template files. To reference the panel in an HTML document, insert %%Panel.HomeFeaturedProducts%%. This panel was designed to appear on the home page of a store; you will have to customize it for any other usage.

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