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Finding Your Store's IP Address


Locating Your Store's IP Address in the Control Panel

Your store’s IP address can be located by going to Server SettingsDNS records, and clicking the Web Hosts tab. There you will see a table which includes an A record with your store’s IP address listed in the Value column.

TypeFully Qualified HostValue

Locating Your Store's IP Address via a Ping

If you are unable to access your store's control panel or have inadvertently deleted the store’s A record, you can ping the store's Temporary/Permanent URL, which will return its IP address.

There are various free tools available online, such as the one at which can be used to ping a URL.

The Temporary/Permanent URL was sent in an email when your store was first created and uses the following format,

Alternatively, you can log in to your store's billing area to locate your Temporary/Permanent URL. See Finding Your Store's Permanent Address (Temp URL) for detailed instructions.

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