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Configurable Fields

A configurable field allows you to create custom fields on a product where your customers can add additional information before they add the product to the cart.

Configurable fields are similar to Product Options, with a few key differences:

  • Product options can be exported or imported
  • Product options can be tied to SKUs and track inventory accordingly
  • Product options can be tied to rules like changing the price or picture

Types of Configurable Field

  • Short Text — creates a small textbox where a customer can type something in before adding a product to the cart
  • Textarea — creates a large textbox where a customer can type something in.
  • File — creates a form where a customer can upload a file from their computer and attach it to the product.
  • Checkbox — creates a checkbox the customer can select.
  • Select Box — allows customers to choose from a list of options.

Creating a Configurable Field

1. Go to ProductsView and click the name of your product to edit it.

2. Go to the Custom Fields tab. The Configurable Fields section is located at the bottom.

3. To create the configurable field, enter the following info:

  • Configurable field type (e.g. Text)
  • Field name (e.g. Message)
  • Required? (click to make it a required field)

Configurable Fields

3a. If you selected the File or Select Box types, you'll need to add an additional field.

  • Select Box — Add the values you want your customers to select from, separated by commas (e.g. yes,no)
  • File — Add the types of extensions you'll accept, separated by commas (e.g. jpg,png,gif); add the maximum file size in KB.

4. Save your changes.

To add or remove a configurable field, click the green +(to add) or red (to remove) circles to the right of the field.

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