Website Settings

Website store settings can be accessed in Store SetupStore Settings, under the Website tab.

In some versions of the control panel, this is located under Setup & ToolsCustomize your storeStore Settings.

Store Status

The Store Status setting.

  • Down for Maintenance — Determines whether your store is publicly accessible on the internet (Open) or displays a “maintenance” message (Down for Maintenance). If toggled to Down for Maintenance, a message field will display, allowing you to customize the text that displays on the maintenance page.

For more information see Maintenance Mode.


The Country setting.

  • Country — Displays the country that your store operates from. This is set automatically when your store is created, and cannot be edited.

Physical Dimension Settings

The Physical Dimension settings.

  • Weight Measurements — Determines the weight measurement used when calculating the weight of physical products in your store. Available options are Pounds, Ounces, Kilograms, Grams, and Tonnes.
  • Length Measurements — Determines the length measurement used when calculating the dimensions of physical products in your store. Available options are Inches or Centimeters.
  • Decimal Token — Determines the token or character to use as the decimal separator for your product’s prices.
  • Thousands Token — Determines the token or character to use as the thousands separator for your product’s prices.
  • Decimal Places — Determines the number of decimal prices to display your product prices to.
  • Factoring Dimension — Determines the dimension that will be added up per product when generating shipping quotes. If Product Depth is selected, then shipping quotes would be based on these dimensions:
    • Width = Maximum width out of all products in the order
    • Height = Maximum height out of all products in the order
    • Depth = The sum of all depths of the products in the order when added together

For information on how factoring dimension affects your shipping quotes, see Understanding the Shipping Calculator.

Search Engine Optimization

The Search Engine Optimization settings.

  • Home Page Title — The page title for the home page of your store. If left blank, the store name which is set in Setup & ToolsProfile, will be used.
  • Meta Keywords — Keywords that describe the content on your home page. (This field is strictly optional - keywords have been deprecated by all major search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing.)
  • Meta Description — A brief description of your store and home page.
  • WWW/No WWW Redirect — Determines whether or not your store’s URL will begin with www. If set to Redirect no WWW to WWW, when a customer goes to your site by typing (no www) the www. will automatically be added to your store’s URL when the page loads.

To learn more about the best practices for title tags and meta descriptions, check out our BigCommerce University video or our SEO Overview.


The HTTPS setting.

  • *Site-wide HTTPS — Determines whether or not all pages of your store should be encrypted (served over HTTPS).

*This feature requires a dedicated SSL, and is only available on select BigCommerce plans. For more information see Site-Wide HTTPS.

Search Engine Robots

The Search Engine Robots settings.

The Search Engine Robots fields allow you to control which pages you would like to prevent search engines from indexing. We do not recommend changing your Robots or Robots SSL text files unless you know exactly what you are doing. See Robots.txt File for more information.

For more information see Robots.txt File.

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