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Viewing Your Customers' Wishlists

Understanding your customers is an essential part of building a loyal customer base. A wishlist is a window into your customer's way of thinking and aspirations. By viewing them and compiling the data, you'll be able to see what they're interested in, making your marking efforts that more efficient.

Viewing a Wishlist

1. Go to CustomersView.

2. Search for or locate the customer whose wishlists you want to view, then click ActionLogin to the right of their entry.

Click Action > Login to log in as a customer

3. Click Wish Lists in the account menu.

Account menu with Wish List highlighted

4. Click the Wish List’s name to view its contents.

Wishlist name highlighted in Wishlist


Did you know? The app In Stock Reminder can send alerts for out of stock products so your customers can get stock updates instead of leaving an item in the wishlist.

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