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Confirming Your Store with Pinterest

Confirming ownership of your site enables your Pinterest profile picture to be included in any pin that comes from your site. It also gives you access to Pinterest Analytics, which tracks and reports visitor interactions with your Pins.

1. Log into your Pinterest account.

2. Click the profile icon in the top right.

Pinterest profile icon

3. Click the settings icon.

Pinterest settings icon

4. Scroll down to Profile, enter your store's URL in Website, then click Confirm website.

Website field under Profile

5. Copy the meta tag. Leave this tab open (you'll come back later to confirm) and open your BigCommerce control panel in a new tab.

Meta tag highlighted in Pinterest popup window

6. In your BigCommerce control panel, go to Storefront › Web Analytics and select Google Analytics if it is not already selected.

7. Click the Google Analytics tab and paste the meta tag you copied earlier into the Tracking Code box. Make sure you do not paste over any existing tracking codes.

Tracking Code box with a Pinterest verification tag pasted in

9. Save your changes.

10. Return to the tab with your Pinterest profile, and click Finish. Pinterest will confirm it has verified your site. If you receive the message "API Method not found." or "Looks like we had trouble connecting to your website. Please try again later.", try contacting Pinterest support.

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