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Connecting with Vantiv eCommerce Payment Gateway

Vantiv is a global payment processor offering in-store and online payment solutions. It is available to stores based in the United States and using USD for currency.

Vantiv eCommerce Features

Vantiv comes with the following features:

  • Automatically checks for CVV
  • Can be set to Authorize Only
  • Set a Report Group ID to group orders inside the Vantiv account
  • Control the description that will show up in a shopper’s Credit Card statements with Custom Billing Descriptor field
  • Custom Billing Phone controls the phone number that appears on a shopper’s credit card statement

Enabling Vantiv eCommerce Payment Gateway

Vantiv eCommerce is one of the options available under Store Setup › Payments

To enable, click Set up next to Vantiv eCommerce, then click the Manage Vantiv Account link to sign-up for a Vantiv account. Once the account is created, return to BigCommerce and enter the login, password and merchant ID.

Vantiv eCommerce payment settings

Adjust the remaining features to your preference.

Additional Vantiv eCommerce payment settings

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