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Vantiv Core Payment Gateway

Vantiv Core is a global payment processor offering in-store and online payment solutions. It is available to stores based in the United States and using USD as its default currency. Vantiv only works with Optimized One-Page Checkout (Early Access).

Vantiv Core Features

Vantiv comes with the following features:

  • Automatically checks for CVV
  • Can be set to Authorize Only

Enabling Vantiv Core Payment Gateway

Vantiv Core is one of the options available under Store Setup › Payments

To enable, Select Vantiv Core, then click the sign-up button to sign-up for a Vantiv account.

Once the account is created, return to BigCommerce and enter the username, password, merchant ID, bank number, and terminal number - all are provided by Vantiv.
Vantiv Core Setup

Adjust the features to your preference, then Save.

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