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Using the Abandoned Cart Saver

The Abandoned Cart Saver is a built-in functionality that sends an email invitation to customers who have added an item to their cart but left before completing checkout. The emails are customizable and can be combined with coupon codes to entice your customer to continue shopping. Learn more about how the Abandoned Cart Saver can help your business.

The Abandoned Cart Saver will trigger under the following circumstances:

  • A customer is logged into their account, adds an item to the cart, then leaves without having attempted to purchase
  • A guest adds something to their cart, begins checkout and enters their email address, and gets as far as submitting their shipping and billing information. (Single Page Checkout)
  • A guest adds something to their cart, begins checkout and enters their email address with Optimized One-Page Checkout

Customers who actually attempt to pay (i.e. submit the order) and encounter an error will not trigger abandoned cart emails. Their order will go to Incomplete Orders, which is under the More tab in Orders › View.


Is Abandoned Cart Saver available on all stores? This feature is only available on select BigCommerce plans.


Abandoned Cart Notification Settings

The Abandoned Cart notification settings can be located by going to Store Setup › Store Settings, under the Miscellaneous tab. These settings include:

  • Abandoned Cart Notifications — Notify customers via email when they abandon their cart
  • Abandoned Cart Emails — Receive an email when a customer abandons their cart
    • Specify the frequency
    • Define when to stop sending them
  • Converted Cart emails — Receive an email when an abandoned cart is saved
    • Specify which address to send to

Abandoned Cart Saver Emails

Abandoned Cart Email settings are located under Marketing › Abandoned Cart Notifications.

Here you can view the three default email templates, as well as any others you create. There is no limit to how many email templates you can create, but only up to three can be activated at any given time. You can send up to three different emails to a single customer.

Click Add an Email Message to create a new email template, or click the Action iconEdit to edit an existing one.

Abandoned Cart Email

You will see the following fields:

  • From — This is auto-populated by the Email address in Store SetupStore Profile
  • Subject — This is the email subject. See below for a list of placeholders you can use
  • Message — This area uses the WYSIWYG editor. You can use some of the placeholder assets
  • Coupon Code — This drop-down lets you select from any coupon codes you've created
  • Active? — This lets you designate this email template as one of the 3 active templates
  • Send This Email — Choose from 1-23 hours or 1-10 days after the order is abandoned to send this email out. You cannot have multiple emails sent out at the same time to the same customer.

 If you have more than three templates, one will automatically be set to Inactive. To activate it, you must deactivate one of the active templates. Do this by clicking the green checkmark next to the email you want to deactivate, then clicking on the red X on the template you want to activate.

Abandoned Cart emails will use the same email footer as the rest of your store's emails. This can be found under Storefront › Email Templates, click the + symbol to the left of Snippets folder, and locate EmailFooter.html.

Subject Placeholders

  • %%STORENAME%% — your store's name
  • %%FIRSTNAME%% — your customer’s first name
  • %%LASTNAME%% — your customer’s last name
  • %%FULLNAME%% — your customer’s full name

Message Placeholders

  • %%CARTCONTENTS%% — this displays what was in the customer's cart
  • %%COUPONBOX%% — this displays a box to input a coupon code


When is a cart considered abandoned?

  • A cart is not considered abandoned until it has had no activity for 1 hour. This means that if your first abandoned cart email is scheduled to send 1 hour after the cart is abandoned, then it would be 2 hours after the shopper initially added the product to their cart before they'd receive the notification.

Can I remove the price from the email?

  • Yes, this can be removed from the email template by going to Storefront › Email Templates and opening the file ACCartContents.html. Then remove %%GLOBAL_ProductPrice%%.

Does Abandon Cart Saver affect stock levels?

  • Stock levels are not affected until a payment is attempted. If a payment method is attempted, the cart is not considered abandoned even if the payment fails.

How long do abandoned carts stay saved?

  • All cart information is stored in the user's browser cookies, not on your BigCommerce store. The cart information remains on their browser for 7 days unless they clear their browser cache or complete checkout.

Why do some shoppers get abandon cart emails after they completed their order?

  • This can sometimes occur if the shopper completes the purchase of the order very close to the timing of the first scheduled email. On some occasions, it may occur if they complete the order on another device. If this is happening frequently, please get in touch with our technical support. 

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