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Using a Custom SMTP Server

This article covers the steps to configure a custom SMTP server, which controls the automated emails sent out from your store, such as the invoice email customers receive after ordering.

Using your own custom SMTP server for these messages provides you more control over the emails, better logging (e.g. being able to determine exactly when an email was sent out), and is useful if you have email spoofing protections in place on your business email.

1. Go to Store SetupStore Settings, then click the Miscellaneous tab.

2. Check the Let me specify my own SMTP server details option to the right of Use SMTP Server.

3. Enter your SMTP server details.

  • SMTP Hostname — If the server supports SSL or TLS, prefix the hostname with ssl:// or tls://, e.g. ssl://
  • SMTP Username — Enter if your server requires authentication
  • SMTP Password — Enter if your server requires authentication
  • SMTP Port — Enter to use a non-standard SMTP port or leave empty to set as 25

4. Click Test SMTP Settings. If you receive an error message, check your credentials, then test again.

Use SMTP Server

5. Save your changes.

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