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Using Script Manager

The BigCommerce Script Manager is a visual organization of scripts installed on your store. Any scripts applied by apps or created within the Script Manager are conveniently listed for easier management and access. This can help site owners see clearly which scripts are installed on their site without having to search through several lines of pasted code. This is available on Stencil only.

To access the Script Manager, go to Storefront › Script Manager.


Script Types

Any scripts listed in the Script Manager will have several labels in the overview, including the name, date of installation, the location of the script injection, pages affected and if the script was installed by a third-party app or manually entered in.

Script View

App-created — app created scripts are read-only. It can be viewed or deleted.

User-created — the app was manually entered with the script editor. The script can be edited from here.


Adding/Editing Scripts


Warning: This is an advanced feature that requires knowledge of scripting. If you are unfamiliar, please consider working with one of our partners.

To add your own scripts click the Create Script button.

This will open a screen with form fields to create the script.

Name of script — enter a name for your script to refer to. It is required.

Description — a summary of the script’s purpose.

Location on the page — select whether the script should be in the header or footer of the page

Select pages where script will be added — select which page the scripts are on. You will have the following options:

  • Store pages: all pages that are not checkout or order confirmation
  • Checkout: checkout page (only works with Optimized One-Page Checkout)
  • Order Confirmation: order confirmation page
  • All pages: includes storefront, checkout, order confirmation and cart page. Does not include giftcertificates.php, sitemap.php, account.php, and login.php.

Script Type — select whether you are linking to a script with URL or enter the script.

Once you finish this form, click save. After saving, you can edit scripts by clicking the action icon and click edit from the menu.

To learn more about scripts see our developer API documentation.


Deleting Scripts

You can remove both user-created and app-created from the script manager. 
It is not recommended that you remove an app-created script before uninstalling the app as it can cause unexpected behavior.

Click the Action icon and select Delete to remove the script from your store. 



Can I still paste scripts in the footer script box?

The footer script is the legacy script area to paste scripts on Stencil themes. You can continue to paste scripts on the Footer box like you always have, and any scripts already there will continue to work. The location is now under the script manager.

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