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Using Disqus for Blog Comments

Disqus is a commenting system that allows users to leave comments on blog posts made with the Built-In Blog. This feature currently only works with our legacy Blueprint Themes.


Using a Stencil theme? See Using Stencil's Blog Post with Disqus in our developer documentation for information on working with Stencil and Disqus.


Activating Disqus

You will need a Disqus account to use the commenting system, click to Sign up for a Disqus shortname. Click on I want to install Disqus on my site to set up the Disqus Shortname.

Once you have a Disqus account, you can use it for blog comments by turning on the Disqus Comments switch and entering a Disqus Shortname on Storefront  Blog.

Disqus Comments


Be careful! Your Disqus shortname is not your Disqus username that you choose when you register for an account. The shortname can be seen in the address bar of your browser, as See What are my shortnames? on Disqus's support site for more help on finding your shortname.

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