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One of the most common pain points that many online merchants experience is selling more product than they have on hand. Having to tell a customer that you cannot ship the item they bought from you is a poor customer experience and can cause you to lose that sale or even that customer. Overselling is often caused by having inaccurate stock levels, or attempting to update stock across multiple channels manually (e.g. storefront, Amazon, eBay).

We've created a checklist and gathered a list of best practices to help you prevent overselling.


One of the first things you will want to check is your inventory settings. It will not matter how many best practices you implement if your settings aren't set up correctly.

  • Check to see if Inventory Tracking is enabled for the product in question.
  • Go to Advanced SettingsInventory and check your out of stock and update stock level settings.
  • If you use third-party inventory management, check your software settings and ensure it has been integrated with your store correctly.

Best Practices

Implementing a dependable inventory management strategy can be difficult if you don't know where to begin. Use these best practices to get started and to understand what your needs are as a business.

  • Examine your historical sales data to predict trends and ensure you're always well stocked.
  • Keep extra stock of your most popular or most consistent products on hand to account for higher than usual sales volumes or unexpected delays from your suppliers.
  • Consider using a centralized inventory management system to manage inventory across multiple channels.
  • Implement a buffer if you share inventory across multiple channels. For example, if you get down to X stock of Y item, sell Y item only on Z channel.
  • If you use a warehouse, reduce human error and maintain accurate inventory by using a warehouse management system.
  • Have someone in your operation responsible for quality control. This not only prevents the wrong products from being sent out but will maintain the correct inventory levels.

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