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Troubleshooting | Missing Theme Images or Icons (Blueprint)

These troubleshooting steps only apply to our legacy Blueprint Themes.


You storefront displays "missing image" icons or no images where the theme's default images used to display.

Example of default theme icons.
Default Images/Icons

Example of missing theme images/icons.
Missing Images/Icons


This commonly occurs when you have uploaded a custom image to your store's WebDAV server, but have not uploaded your theme's entire "images" folder with it. Follow these steps to reupload your theme's default images and get them to display again.

Download your existing store images

1. In the BigCommerce control panel, go to Storefront Design › My Themes.

2. Click on Download Theme, then All Files.

Download Theme

Download All Files

3. A .zip file will be downloaded onto your computer. Locate it, then unzip it.

4. Locate the images folder.

images folder

Reuploading the images

1. Connect to your store through WebDAV.

2. Go to the Template folder.

template folder

3. Drag the images folder from your computer to the template folder in webDAV.

add images to templated folder

Once the "images" folder has completed uploading, refresh your storefront and confirm that your theme's default images and icons are displaying. To see your custom icons again, you may need to re-upload them. 


Images still not showing up? Many newer Blueprint themes use the fonts folder to store the social media icons instead of images.Try following the above troubleshooting steps using the fonts folder instead.

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