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Troubleshooting | Ecommerce Analytics

This guide will cover some common questions and help you troubleshoot some common issues. If you have a question or comment that isn’t addressed here, please contact our support team.

Why is the Purchase Funnel Report not displaying visits?

Visits are tracked with Javascript. If your visitors have Javascript turned off in their browsers, their visit will not register in this report.

Why are some orders not counted in the Purchase Funnel Report?

Orders created through third party channels (eBay, Facebook, Pinterest, Amazon), or created manually are not represented in this report. However, they will be included in the Orders Report.

Why are my analytics not tracking?

If you're using a legacy Blueprint theme, it's likely the %%GLOBAL_AdditionalScriptTags%% variable has been removed from HTMLHead.html. See The Additional Script Tags Variable to learn more.

Why are some of my orders not appearing in the Orders Report?

Ecommerce Analytics reports do not count orders that are in the following statuses:

  • Pending
  • Awaiting Payment
  • Cancelled
  • Declined
  • Refunded
  • Disputed
  • Verification Required

Why is the Merchandising Report showing products with zero visits?

If Show Add to Cart Link? and/or Quick View is enabled, shoppers can add products to their cart from the storefront or from a category page. The Merchandizing Report records pageviews coming from the product page only.

Why is the number of abandoned carts different than how many abandoned cart emails were sent?

This number will differ since this report includes all abandoned carts (including guests who haven't provided an email address), whereas the Abandoned Cart Saver can only send emails to carts associated with an email address (logged in customers and guests who started checkout).

Why do I have a huge amount of abandoned carts than normal?

On occasion, your store may be visited by a bot which will add items to the cart with no intention of buying them. Don't be alarmed. These guest carts are not real opportunities that were lost.

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