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Transferring a Custom Theme from One BigCommerce Store to Another (Blueprint)

This guide provides steps for transferring customized template files for our free, legacy Blueprint-based theme from one BigCommerce store to another.  Premium (paid) themes are licensed for use on a single store only, and would need to be re-purchased on any other store(s) you are wanting to use the theme on.

In order to complete these steps, you will need to have a WebDAV client such as CyberDuck installed on your computer. For more information, see Connecting to WebDAV.

Downloading Your Customized Theme Files

1. In your customized store, go to Storefront Design › My Themes, then click Download Theme.

Download Theme

2. Select Customized files only from the Download Theme popup that displays. Your custom theme files will download in a single .zip file.

3. Create a new folder on your desktop and name it [Theme Name] Theme Files. For example, Classic Next Theme Files.

4. Move the downloaded .zip file to the new folder on your desktop, then unzip the file using a program such as 7-Zip (Windows) or WinZip (Windows & Mac).

Uploading the Files to Your Uncustomized Store

1. In the store you are transferring your customizations to, go to Server Settings File Access (WebDAV), then click Download for the WebDAV client you have installed on your computer. A connection file for that WebDAV client will download to your computer.

WebDAV connection file download buttons

2. Open the downloaded file. It will automatically open a connection to your store’s server in your WebDAV client.

3. Upload the customized files from the [Theme Name] Theme Files folder you created earlier to the template folder in your WebDAV connection. Be sure not to upload the original .zip file, only the files you "unzipped" or extracted from it.

You may be prompted to overwrite existing files in your WebDAV server, be sure that you select yes only if you intend to completely replace the theme on your store with the custom theme. Selecting no may result in the custom theme not being fully transferred.

Example of uploaded theme files.

4. Once the upload is complete, view your store to verify that the customizations have been successfully applied.

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