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Most Popular Products / Top Sellers

Some themes have a section on the home page that features the store's top-selling products. This is an easy way to dynamically market your best-performing products right on your homepage.

Most Popular Products panel as it appears in the storefront of a store using the Cornerstone theme

Most Popular Products panel as it appears in the Cornerstone theme

The products that appear in this section are chosen by calculating which products have been ordered the most in your store. Cancelled orders, test orders, and refunded orders are not used in these calculations.

It is not possible to include or exclude specific products in this panel. If you want more control over which products appear on the home page, consider using the Featured Products panel.


How are Most Popular Products calculated?

  • A product is ranked by the total number of stock it has sold since the store started.
  • The number of orders for a product is not considered.
    • For example, a product that has a single order for a quantity of 100 will rank higher than another product that has 99 orders for a quantity of 1.
  • Stock from orders from other channels (like eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Pinterest, Square) is included.
  • Stock from cancelled orders, test orders, and refunded orders is not included.
  • A product cannot be manually included; the section is built dynamically from store sales data.
  • If you want more control over which specific products appear on your home page, consider using featured products.

Configuring Most Popular Products / Top Sellers

You can adjust the number of featured products that display on the home page or disable them completely.

1. Go to Storefront DesignMy Themes and click Customize to open the Stencil Theme Editor.

Customize button highlighted on the My Themes page in the control panel

2. On the left, scroll down to Products menu and click to expand it.

Number of Most Popular Products dropdown selector in the Stencil Theme Editor

3. Click the dropdown menu to select the number of most popular products to display, or select Disable.

4. When you're finished, click Save Changes then Apply Theme.

1. Go to Store SetupStore Settings and navigate to the Display tab.

2. Locate the Top Sellers setting and change the number. To disable top sellers completely, enter 0.

Top Selling Products in Display Settings

3. Save your changes.

Referencing the Object/Panel in Theme Files

Stencil Themes

See our Stencil documentation for detailed information on how the most popular products panel/object is referenced in Stencil themes.

Blueprint Themes

The Top Sellers panel is called SideTopSellers.html. It can be found in the Panels folder of the template files. To reference the panel in an HTML document, insert %%Panel.SideTopSellers%%.

This panel was designed to appear on product listing pages such as the home page and category pages. You will have to customize it for any other usage. See our Blueprint documentation for more information on Blueprint themes and panels.

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