Themes & Design Overview

Why Design is Important

By selecting the right design for your business you can influence how a visitor sees and navigates your store — maximizing your opportunity to convert them into paying customers. Every BigCommerce theme is crafted with great care and applies practices to help you rank better in search engines, fully express the power of your brand, and convert shoppers.

Theme Options: Stencil and Blueprint

We’re excited to currently offer you a choice between two generations of BigCommerce store themes: Stencil (our newest themes), and Blueprint (our existing themes).


Stencil themes are beautiful, fully responsive themes that come with light editing functionality. These include changing the site fonts, colors, logo, social icons and credit card icons. Learn more about Stencil themes.


Blueprint themes come with direct access to page templates and advanced editing functionality allowing you to edit HTML/CSS, integrate apps like YotPo, or implement your own customizations. Learn more about Blueprint themes.

Learn More About Stencil Themes

Stencil BigCommerce University Videos

Learn More About Blueprint Themes

Blueprint BigCommerce University Videos

Additional Blueprint Resources

Get Advice 

Have a specific question or issue? Check out the Themes & Design discussions in our Community. Speak directly to other business owners, BigCommerce Staff and Partners who specialize in this area. It’s likely someone just like you has already been there.

The modifications shared here are not officially supported by the BigCommerce Development or Technical Support teams. BigCommerce cannot guarantee their accuracy and is not responsible for any unintended consequences that may arise from their attempted use. As always, we recommend backing up your current theme customizations before making any changes.

Work With an Agency 

Don't feel comfortable adjusting your design? Prefer to work with an expert? Check out our BigCommerce approved agencies. They are extremely familiar with our platform, and in collaborating with our staff. They're a great place to start as they'll help you plan and execute a design that is tailored to reflect your business, and to best convert your target clientele.

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