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The New Product List

When you set up and enable eBay or Amazon in Channel Manager, we’ll automatically upgrade your product list (ProductsView in your control panel).

This upgrade introduces new functionality related to listing your products on multiple channels. For now, it will let you pick and choose which products are listed on your storefront and which are listed on eBay and Amazon. In future updates, you’ll be able to manage product listings for all your other channels like Facebook and Pinterest.

The new Product List (Products > View)


Checking Your Product Listings

The new product list features a Listed On column that shows you which channels a product is included on, its current status (e.g. listed, pending, or rejected), and any errors that may be preventing the product from being included on a particular channel.

The "Listed On" column in the new product list


Quick Editing Your Products

Clicking on a product row will open a quick edit slide out. Here you can change the product’s name, SKU, stock (including variants), featured status, and default price — all without having to go to the full Edit Product page.

The quick edit slide out lets you update stock levels and other details without having to go to the full Edit Product page


Bulk Actions

When you check one or more products, the Bulk Actions menu appears in the top right of the product list allowing you to edit, export, list, hide, or delete multiple products at once.

  • Bulk edit selected
  • Export selected
  • List products on channels
  • Hide products on channels
  • Delete selected

Bulk actions in the new product list


Additional Improvements

Other improvements to the new product list include:

  • Products are listed from newest to oldest by default.
  • Products’ categories are listed below the product name.
  • Stock levels are represented by an actual number, making it easier to see exact stock number levels at a glance.
  • Low stock levels are shown in red to grab your attention when inventory is close to selling out.
  • The SKU column now includes the number of variants for that product.
  • A product's storefront featured status can be toggled from the quick edit slide out or the action menu.

You can opt out of the new product list by disconnecting any channels that use it (currently just eBay and Amazon). However, the new product list and the functionality it provides is necessary if you want to list products and accept orders from those channels in BigCommerce.

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