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Using Syndication Feeds


This feature is no longer available to new merchants. RSS functionality will not be included in stores created after September 3, 2017.


Syndication Settings

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and Atom are web feed formats used to publish frequently updated content — like blog posts and news headlines — in a standardized format. Click here to learn more about RSS,.

1. Go to Store Setup › Store Settings, then click the Display tab.

2. Scroll down to the Syndication Settings section.

3. Enable or disable feeds as needed.

  • Products/Items Per Feed — allows you to define how many products or blog posts to include in a feed
  • Cache Files for — defines (in minutes) how long feed content is stored locally, before checking for updates

Accessing Built-in Feeds

By default, your store includes a web page called "RSS Syndication" that includes links to feeds for:

  • recent blog posts
  • new products
  • popular products
  • featured products

Don't have a feed page? Create a new web page, and include %%Syndicate%% in the page content.


Feed URLs

If you want to sydicate or share your feeds with another website or aggregator, you can append the following to your store's URL. Replace "" with your actual store URL.

Latest 10 blog posts:

  • (RSS)
  • (Atom)

Latest 10 new products:

  • (RSS)
  • (Atom)

Latest 10 popular products:

  • (RSS)
  • (Atom)

Latest 10 featured products:

  • (RSS)
  • (Atom)

Accessing a Feed for a Specific Category

1. Go to ProductsProduct Categories, then click ActionEdit on the category you want to use.

Edit selected in the Action dropdown

2. In your browser's address bar, you will see the category ID number.

Category ID in the bowser

3. Reference this number using the following URL structure to create a category feed link: (Replace the # with the Category ID Number)


Accessing a Feed for a Specific Search Term

Use the following URL structure to create a feed for a search term. Replace "your+term" at the end with your search term. Separate words with a + sign. If you prefer to format it as an Atom feed, replace "type=rss" with "type=atom".


Using External Feeds

You can include feeds from third-party sites on your site. To do this, follow these steps.

1. Go to Storefront Web Pages , then click Create a Web Page.

2. For This Page Will, select Display syndicated content from an RSS feed.

3. Name the page, then paste the feed URL into RSS Feed.

4. Save your changes.

This will add a link to your site's navigation menu. Clicking the link will display the feed content.

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