Stencil and App Compatibility

Stencil and Blueprint themes handle third-party scripts differently, which can cause some conflicts with Single-Click Apps found in the App Marketplace. Apps that handle backend store functions such as shipping and inventory management are in large part supported. Apps like Quickbooks Online and Shipper HQ work natively with both Stencil and Blueprint themes.

For apps that require an additional script, there is a possibility it will not work with a Stencil theme. The apps listed here have been tested and confirmed to work with Stencil themes.

Apps That Work with the Script Box

Apps that affect the storefront — such as a live chat box or coupon code pop-up — may have some compatibility issues since Stencil’s backend code is not directly accessible. If the app requires script or code to be pasted into the site’s footer or header, it is possible to use them by going to Storefront Design › Design Options Scripts tab.

Scripts tab in Design Options

These apps work with Stencil if you paste the code into the Script box:

  • JustUno
  • InStockNotify
  • McAfee Secure
  • Olark
  • Picreel Exit Offer
  • YotPo Reviews
  • Sweet Tooth
  • S Loyalty

If the app requires code to be pasted into the HTML head, you can do that by going to Advanced Settings › Web Analytics Google Analytics tab.

Apps That Need an Edited Theme

If the app’s code does not work when put into the Script box or Google Analytics tab, it may require that the script be pasted onto a specific page. These pages are accessible with Editing Stencil Theme Files.

The apps listed here will work by editing a Stencil theme:

  • Listrak Retail Solutions
  • Nextopia

We recommend working with one of our Partner Services if you are unfamiliar with web development.

Additional Resources

If you have questions about a specific app, check the Apps & Integrations section of Community Answers.

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