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Showing Cart Suggestions (Blueprint)

Enabling cart suggestions allows you to show your customers additional products after they have added one to their cart. The number of suggested products shown is based on the theme you are using, with most showing between 3 and 5.

Cart suggestions are automatically chosen based on sales, ratings, and products with similar names. See How Suggestions are Determined. Cart suggestions for a product cannot be manually selected.

Example of the cart suggestions panel.

Enabling Cart Suggestions

1. Go to Store SetupStore Settings, then click the Display tab.

2. Configure the options listed below — located in the Display Settings section — as follows:

  • ‘Add to Cart’ Action — Show Confirmation in a Popup Window
  • Show Cart Suggestions? — Checked

User-added image

3. Save your changes.

How Suggestions Are Determined

The products shown to your customers in the cart suggestions area are automatically determined in the following order:

  1. Products which have been ordered together with the product added to the cart
  2. Products with a similar name to the product added to the cart
  3. Popular products as determined by average product rating

Each item in this list is looped through until all of the available suggested product spaces (as determined by your theme) are filled, or no more results are found. For example, if my theme allows for 4 suggested products to be displayed, and the algorithm returns 4 products which have been ordered together with the product that was added (1), then it will not return results from numbers 2 or 3.

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