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BigCommerce provides a variety of ways for you to get shipping quotes for your customers, including flat rates, weight-based rates, and real time shipping quotes. With the BigCommerce shipping manager, you can set up both international and domestic shipping in just a few minutes. Please note that while BigCommerce provides shipping quotes, it does not handle the actual shipping and handling of your products. See the How do I... section to learn more about the features of BigCommerce shipping.

To access the Shipping Manager, go to Store Setup Shipping.
Setup & ToolsSet up your storeShipping.

The BigCommerce Shipping Manager

Shipping Manager in the BigCommere control panel

1. Shipping from address

2. Shipping labels (USPS by Endicia)

3. Default shipping rules

4. Advanced shipping rules powered by ShipperHQ

5. Out of Delivery Zone Message

Shipping Zone details showing static and real time shipping quotes

6. Edit shipping zone details button

7. Static shipping quotes

8. Real time shipping quotes

'Shipping From' Address

The Shipping from address should be the address that your shipments originate from. This is required to print USPS shipping labels and also to use real time shipping quotes during checkout with carriers such as USPS, UPS, or Fedex.

Because you can only enter one shipping from address, you may have trouble getting accurate shipping quotes if you use a drop-shipping service with more than one warehouse. In this case we recommend using fixed shipping methods (e.g. Ship by Order Total) instead of real time shipping quotes.

Edit Zone

Use this button to add, edit and remove the countries that this shipping zone applies to. This area also provides the ability to define a handling fee for the zone.

Shipping Zones and Methods

Shipping zones and methods define where and how you ship your products. They must be set up in order for your customers to complete check-out, even if you plan to offer free shipping or local pick-up. Shipping zones define the areas your customers are located, and shipping methods determine what shipping rates they pay, if any. For a step-by-step walk-through on setting up shipping zones and methods, see their respective articles:

Advanced Shipping Rules by ShipperHQ

If you find that the shipping features BigCommerce offers do not meet your business needs and you need a more sophisticated solution then we recommend you try out ShipperHQ. ShipperHQ offers highly flexible shipping rate management.

Out of Delivery Zone Message

This message is shown to a shopper whose address falls outside of any of your configured zones attempts to check out of your store. For more information, see Changing the Fallback Message.

Product-level Shipping

Products can be given free shipping or a fixed shipping price.

  • To give a product universal free shipping, see Setting up Free Shipping, which includes some alternative methods.
  • To set a fixed shipping price on a product (and add dimensions), see Adding Products.

How Do I...

How Do I Bypass Shipping Altogether?

If you have physical products, there is not a way to bypass the shipping module. If you are selling a service, we recommend marking your products as downloadable rather than physical, which will allow your customers to pay without having to enter any shipping information. See Creating Downloadable Products for more details.

How Do I Print Shipping Labels?

You can print USPS labels right from your control panel, and we integrate with several apps that can pull your shipping information and print shipping labels. These apps are often paired with discounts with the shipping providers, which can help save on your business' shipping costs. For printing labels for other carriers, check out the Shipping Apps in the BigCommerce Marketplace.

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