Setting up Free Shipping

Free Shipping by Destination

Use this method if you want to:

  • apply only to orders within the specified shipping areas
  • limit free shipping to orders over $X
  • offer free shipping as well as other shipping options (e.g. expedited shipping)

1. Go to Store SetupShipping.

2. Click Edit next to the shipping area you want free shipping available in. If you have not yet set up the areas you are shipping to, see our Shipping Overview.

3. Toggle on the switch to the right of Free shipping.

Free shipping method toggled on shipping zone details

4. There will be a Free Shipping Options pop-up.

  • If you want to limit free shipping to orders over a certain amount, check Limit to order over $X and change to your preferred amount.
  • If you want to exclude products with fixed price shipping, check the box next to that option.

Free Shipping Options popup

5. Click Save in the pop-up, then Done.

6. Your Free Shipping method is now up and active. If you need to disable it, simply Toggle off the switch.

Free shipping method toggled off in shipping zone details

Depending on your needs, you might consider a Flat Rate per Order, Ship by Order Total, or Ship by Weight method with $0 instead. These let you change the display name (e.g. "Local Pick-Up"), specify costs for orders that don't meet the order total for free shipping, or base shipping prices on the order weight instead.

The methods listed below will only work if the customer is ordering from a destination that has been enabled in the Shipping section. That destination must also have a functional shipping method (e.g. flat rate, FedEx) in addition to the free shipping options below, or the customer will receive an error at checkout.

Free Shipping with a Cart-Level Discount

Use this method if you want to:

  • offer free shipping internationally
  • limit free shipping to orders over $X
  • offer free shipping as well as other shipping options (e.g. expedited shipping)
  • display a dynamic "Spend $X more and get free shipping" message to customers*

* Not all templates support this feature.

1. Go to MarketingCart-Level Discounts.

2. Click Create Cart-Level Discount.

3. Type your Rule Name. For example, Free Shipping over $50.

4. For Choose a Rule Type, choose Free shipping discount, then select the Order at least $X, get free shipping on the order option.

5. Type in the order amount at which free shipping should be offered and select which shipping zones (or all) the discount should apply to. For example, enter 50 for free shipping on orders $50 and over.

Discount rule details

6. Scroll down to Free Shipping Discount Rules Options. Alter your Free Shipping Message if desired.

7. Select at least one Message Location.

8. Save your changes.

Discount rules options

Free shipping by coupon

Use this method if you want to:

  • require customers to enter a coupon code to get free shipping
  • limit free shipping to orders over $X
  • limit free shipping to certain locations
  • limit free shipping to certain shipping methods e.g. FedEx, Ship by Weight
  • limit free shipping to certain products or categories

1. Go to MarketingCoupon Codes.

2. Click Create a Coupon Code.

Create a Coupon Code button

3. Change the Coupon Code if desired. This is what the customer types in at checkout.

4. Enter a Coupon Name. This is for your reference only.

5. For Discount type, choose Free shipping.

Coupon details

6. The following settings are optional:

  • Minimum purchase for the coupon to take effect
  • Limit the total number of times the coupon code is used
  • Limit the number of uses per customer
  • Expiry date after which the coupon code is disabled automatically

More coupon code details

7. To limit the coupon to only apply to certain products or categories, scroll down and select which products or categories you wish it to apply to.


Will this coupon only affect the products/category selected? The coupon applies free shipping to the whole order if a shopper has a qualified item in their cart. This means that if they put in an item that is not qualified, so long as a qualified product is also in their cart, the order gets free shipping.

"This coupon applies to" settings

Clicking a category will only enable the coupon for that category, not for its subcategories. Click the plus (+) to expand a category and select its subcategories as well.

For product, choose the second radio button and select add a product. A new window will open from which you will select the products.

"This coupon applies to" these products

Select products popup

8. To restrict the coupon to certain locations and shipping methods, click the Advanced tab. Select the region or shipping methods you would like the coupon to be used in conjunction with.

Advanced coupon settings

9. Save your changes. You can disable the coupon at any time by clicking the red X under Enabled. The red X means a coupon is disabled; the green check mark means it is enabled.

Column showing which coupon codes are currently enabled

Free shipping on an individual product

Use this method if you want to:

  • have free shipping on a product for all destinations set up in the Shipping settings
  • have 'free shipping' to be the only choice at checkout
  • take that product out of shipping calculations in orders that also contain other products
  • have 'free shipping' display on the product page when enabled in Store Settings

Turning free shipping on for an individual product causes it to ship for free in all shipping destinations you have set up, regardless of any other shipping settings.

One product at a time

1. Go to ProductsAdd. Click the name of the product you plan to ship for free.

2. You will be on the Details tab. Scroll down to Shipping and turn on Free Shipping.

Free shipping in product settings

3. Save your changes.

Multiple products at a time

1. Go to ProductsView. Click check the box to the left of the products you plan to ship for free. You may want to increase the View in the top-right of the menu to 100.

2. Click Choose an Action at the top of the menu, select Bulk Edit Selected, then click Confirm.

Products checked for bulk editing

3. Locate the Free Shipping column to the far right. Check the box to enable free shipping. You can click the checkbox directly under Free Shipping to turn it on for all of the listed products, or go through to check/uncheck it for individual products.

Column on the bulk editing screen showing which products currently have free shipping enabled on the product-level

4. Save & Exit when finished.

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