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Setting Up ShipperHQ

We’ve integrated with ShipperHQ to provide you with advanced tools to control what shipping options to offer your customers during the checkout process. ShipperHQ enables you to do things like:

  • Per product per zone shipping options
  • Different shipping options based on customer groups
  • Different shipping options based on different shipping origin addresses; useful for those with warehouses in multiple locations and those using dropshippers
  • You can define what box sizes you ship with as well as how many products you can get into different boxes.
  • Support for Freight Carriers
  • and more...

How the Integration Works

When one of your customers goes through the checkout flow, BigCommerce will reach out to ShipperHQ via an API call and ask ShipperHQ what shipping rates to offer to your customers. ShipperHQ will return a set of values in the API response and BigCommerce will use those values to display them to your customers.

As a part of the API request to ShipperHQ, BigCommerce will include basic information about the order that ShipperHQ needs in order to determine what shipping rate to offer your customer. The information we send includes product information such as:

  • weight
  • dimensions
  • quantity
  • price
  • customer group (if any)
  • free shipping (on or off)
  • fixed shipping price (if assigned)

You can then set up shipping rules in ShipperHQ that offer specific shipping options to your customers based on this data.

Product Shipping Attributes

There are three new fields available for you to define on your products in BigCommerce that are included in the information we send to ShipperHQ to determine what shipping options to show your customers. These fields are not available until after you install the ShipperHQ app.

The specific fields available for you to define in your BigCommerce product catalog are:

  • Shipping Groups
  • Origin Locations
  • Dimensional Rules

You can also define these fields using the Product Import/Export feature.

ShipperHQ attributes on the Add/Edit a Product screen

Shipping Groups

Shipping Groups allow you to offer different shipping options based on the product being purchased. Some examples would be perishable products which have restrictions around how long they can be in transit, bulky products which may need to be shipped via LTL freight, or situations where you're offering a special shipping promotion on certain products. Here is a ShipperHQ doc showing an example setup.

You'll need to set up your Shipping Groups in ShipperHQ, then assign them to your products here. Make sure the values entered here exactly match the Shipping Group names in ShipperHQ and use commas to separate multiple values.

Origin Locations

ShipperHQ will use the default shipping origin whenever a product doesn't have a specific Shipping Origin applied to it here. So if you ship everything from a single location, you don't need to enter in any shipping origins. If you ship the majority of your products from a primary shipping origin, then you only need to add a Shipping Origin to the products that ship from your secondary location.

Make sure the values entered here exactly match the Origin names in ShipperHQ and use commas to separate multiple values.

For more information see ShipperHQ's Origin Configuration doc.

Dimensional Rules

By setting up Dimensional Rules you can configure a different way of handling certain products when ShipperHQ is calculating order dimension information. For example, some of your products may always ship separately from the rest of your products and never get packed into a box with other products.

Once you've set up your Dimensional Rules in ShipperHQ, you can enter the Rule Name in this field. Only one Dimensional Rule can be applied per product. In most cases, you will only need to enter Dimensional Rules for a subset of your products which are packed differently from the rest of your products.

Customer Groups

In addition to the three product shipping attributes mentioned above, we also include the customer group that the customer checking out belongs to. This enables you to offer different shipping options to different customer groups by defining shipping rules for customer groups in ShipperHQ.

Custom groups column highlighted on the View Customers screen

Installing the ShipperHQ app

The ShipperHQ app is available for you to install in our App Store. Installing the ShipperHQ app will not have any immediate impact on your BigCommerce store’s checkout flow. This gives you time to configure your shipping settings.

ShipperHQ as it appears in the app store

After you’ve configured all your settings you can turn on ShipperHQ from your BigCommerce Control Panel in the Shipping Manager. This will cause ShipperHQ to control what options are displayed to your shoppers during the checkout flow instead of the options you’ve configured in BigCommerce.

Turning on ShipperHQ

Once you are done configuring all of your shipping settings in ShipperHQ, and have applied the appropriate shipping attributes to your product catalog, you can turn on ShipperHQ so that it starts controlling what shipping options are shown to your customers during the checkout flow.

This is done in your BigCommerce Shipping Manager. Navigate to Store SetupShipping. In the Checkout Shipping Options section you’ll see a toggle to enable Advanced shipping rules. Once enabled, ShipperHQ will immediately start powering your checkout shipping options.

Advanced shipping settings switch being toggled to on

Upon enabling ShipperHQ, all of your previous settings for Default shipping rules will be saved, but they will have no impact on your checkout shipping options. If you go back to Default shipping rules all of your previous settings will immediately go into effect and ShipperHQ will have no impact on your checkout shipping options. This allows you to go back and forth between the two systems as needed while you conduct testing to make sure you have everything working properly.

Preview Advanced Shipping

By enabling Preview Advanced Shipping, the shipping rates and quotes generated by ShipperHQ at checkout can be previewed by store users logged into the control panel before enabling them live for your shoppers. This is useful for confirming your settings at ShipperHQ have been configured correctly before publicly surfacing them to your shoppers.

Preview Advanced Shipping box checked

Your shoppers will not be impacted by this preview — they will continue to see the Default shipping rules previously configured. Once you are satisfied with the quotes being generated, you are ready to use ShipperHQ. To activate ShipperHQ, click the toggle to enable Advanced Shipping Rules (see Turning on ShipperHQ).

Preview Advanced Shipping is only available if ShipperHQ is already installed and is not currently powering checkout.

ShipperHQ Supported Carriers

Small package carriersLTL freight carriers
  • UPS
  • UPS SurePost
  • USPS
  • FedEx
  • FedEx SmartPost
  • GSO
  • Australia Post
  • StarTrack
  • DHL
  • DHL Express via ILS
  • Fastway
  • Canada Post
  • Cerasis
  • Echo Global Logistics
  • ReTrans Freight
  • Primus / GLB

Getting Help

The ShipperHQ support team is available if you need any help figuring out how to set up your shipping rates with ShipperHQ. To contact the ShipperHQ team:

ShipperHQ carrier and packing details are included in your Store Logs. This information can be useful when first configuring your ShipperHQ settings. See ShipperHQ documentation for more information on how to configure ShipperHQ.

ShipperHQ details in the Store Logs section of the control panel

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