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Setting Up Related Products

This article covers how to set the related products that appear on your product page. You can opt to manually select certain products, or allow them to be set automatically by our built-in algorithm.


Set Related Products Automatically

By default, your product's related products will be set automatically. With this feature, related products are chosen based on similarity in the product name and description.

For more about the built-in related products algorithm, see Product Panels.

Whereas the automated process will always show five related products, setting them manually will show exactly as many as you set (up to five).


Set Related Products Manually

You can choose to set your related products manually for each product. You can select up to five related products. We recommend using four or five, depending on what looks best with your chosen theme.

At this time there is no way to duplicate related products settings across products.

1. Edit your product and go to the Other Details tab.

2. Next to Related Products, uncheck Find and show related products automatically.

3. Locate the category of your first related product. You may need to click the + button to expand the categories if the product is assigned to a subcategory.

Category products

4. After selecting a category, all products belonging to that category will appear in the first field. Double-click the related product to have it appear in the second field. If you change your mind, double-click it again to remove it.

Selected related products

5. Save your changes.

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