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Setting Up Email Accounts

One of the most important aspects of setting up and growing your business is setting up email accounts with your store's domain. BigCommerce will automatically set up a forwarding address so that you can start receiving email right away. You will be able to create up to five custom forwarding addresses.

We strongly recommend setting up email with a third-party email service. Not only will this get you additional features like webmail, filters, and spam filtering, but it will scale as your business grows.

Setting Up Your Forward Accounts

Follow the steps below to set up your forwarded email accounts. These will go from any email address with to an email address of your choice. The first,, will forward to the email address you entered when you created your trial.

1. Go to Server SettingsEmail & DNS Records.

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Under the Mail Servers tab, you will see fields for forwarding email addresses. The first, which forwards, will be forwarded to the email address you signed up for the trial with. This can be replaced with a different email address if you prefer.

2. To create an additional email address, click Add another and enter the username in one of the blank areas. Fill in the field to the right with an existing email address. You can forward multiple email addresses to the same email.

3. Save your changes. Any emails sent to the new email address on the left will be forwarded to the one on the right.

4. Send a test email from a different email account to the forwarding email address you've just set up. Don't test with the email address you are forwarding to, or your email may get stuck in a forwarding loop.

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