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Selling Everywhere with Channel Manager

Channel Manager lets you connect to external sales channels like eBay, Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram. Orders from these external channels appear in your control panel alongside your BigCommerce storefront orders and are fulfilled in the same way. Adding your catalog to additional marketplaces and social networks can help your store gain additional exposure. By having products available on the websites shoppers already visit and love, you can increase brand awareness while improving your chances at conversion.

To access Channel Manager, click Channel Manager in the left navigation.


Learning More About a Channel

Click the Get Started button next to each channel for:

  • a detailed description of the channel
  • requirements to use the channel
  • a link to connect the channel to your store
  • a link to help documentation for more information

How to Connect to a Channel

In Channel Manager, click Get Started next to the channel you want to connect, then click Get Started on the channel's details page.

Channel Manager page in the control panel

Every channel has a unique login flow and configuration. For more details, see the following articles:



We are driven by your feedback. Please let us know what you like, dislike, or think could improve by sending an email to the Channels team.



Why don't I see a certain channel?

Some channels support USD currency only, and will not appear in Channel Manager if USD is not selected as the default currency in your store's currency settings.

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