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Searching Customers

Filtering Customers

Go to CustomersView, then locate the Filter by Keyword field. Type a part of a customer's name or email address, then hit enter or click on the filter button to the right of the field.

If searching for a full name, wrap your search term in quotes as shown in the example below.

Filter by Keyword search field highlighted in Search Customers

Advanced Search

Go to CustomersView, then click the Search button.

Search button highlighted in the Search Orders screen

The advanced search gives you several fields you can use to refine your search, all of which are optional.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search parameters

  • Search Keywords — Searches your customers' first name, last name, email and company fields for matches to the terms you enter.
  • Starts With the Letter — Searches for any customers whose last names begin with the letter/number you've selected.
  • Phone — Searches customers' phone number fields.
  • Country — Restricts search results to customers in the country you've selected.
  • State — Restricts search results to customers in the state you've selected. This field autopopulates with a drop-down list of states based on the Country you select.

Search by Range

Search by Range parameters

  • Customer ID — Searches for customers whose ID falls within the range you define.
  • Number of Orders — Searches for customers whose number of orders falls within the range you define.
  • Store Credit — Searches for customers whose current store credit total falls within the range you define.

Search by Date

Search by Date

  • Date Joined — Restricts search results to customers who joined within the defined range you select. Options include:
    • Today
    • Yesterday
    • Last 24 Hours
    • Last 7 Days
    • Last 30 Days
    • This Month
    • This Year
    • Custom Period

Search by Group

Search by Group

  • Customer Group — Restricts search results to customers in the selected customer group.*

*The Customer Group feature is available on the Plus and Enterprise plans.

Sort Order

Sort Order

  • Customer Group — Determines which customer data will be used to sort search results. Available options are:
    • ID
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Company
    • Date Joined
    • Orders
  • in — Determines whether search results are displayed in Ascending or Descending Order.

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