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Restoring your QuickBooks Online app

This guide will help you re-install your QuickBooks Online app in your BigCommerce store. 


Re-installing QuickBooks Online

To start, log into your QuickBooks Online account and select the organization related to your BigCommerce store. Then navigate to Sales on the left side menu.

Sales Menu in QuickBooks

In this menu, identify the date of the most recent invoice. This will be important for the app configuration in BigCommerce. The invoices in QuickBooks Online may have been synced by the previously installed app or created manually.

Once you have the information about the most recent invoice, log into your BigCommerce store as Store Owner. and go to Store Setup › Accounting .

Click install next to QuickBooks Online.

Install QuickBooks Online app

Follow the prompts to authorize QuickBooks Online to access your BigCommerce store.

Once connected, configure the workflow under the Manage tab according to your business needs.

Configure workflow for QBO

If you are creating inventoried Products in QuickBooks Online, configure the Inventory Start Date.

Inventory Start Date

With inventory set, go to the Sync tab on the top menu and turn on Automatic Synchronization. Select the Integrations Starting Date to a time AFTER the date of the most recent invoice from your QuickBooks Online account.

Select Start Date for Automatic Sync

Finally, initiate the first new synchronization from the Manage tab and verify the data in your QBO account.

If there are any issues with Sync, check Reports in the Manage tab for troubleshooting. Contact our Support for further assistance at any stage in the process. 

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