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Restoring the Xero App


This guide will help you re-install your Xero app with your previous configuration. 


Steps to Restore Xero

In your Xero account, you will need to get the date of your most recent invoice. This will be important for setting up the Sync to BigCommerce in later steps. To get the date of the invoice, log into your Xero account and go to Accounts Sales.

Xero Account

The last sync to Xero may have been from the previous instance of the integration or created manually.

Log into your BigCommerce store as a Store Owner and navigate to Store Setup › Accounting. Click Install in the Xero section.

Install Xero

Follow the on-screen prompts to install Xero. Click Connect to Xero and select the Organization related to your BigCommerce store.
Choose Organization

Configure the workflow under the Manage tab according to your business needs. 
Configure Xero

Click the Sync tab to set up the Automatic Synchronization. On the setup Integration Starting Date, select a date after the date of the most recent invoice you found in your Xero account. Click the button to Turn Integration On

Sync Settings

With everything configured, run your first synchronization manually from under the manage tab.

Make sure you verify the data in your Xero account.

This should re-connect Xero to your BigCommerce store. If there are any issues with the Sync, check Reports under the Manage tab for further troubleshooting. At any point, if you need assistance, contact BigCommerce support.

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