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Requirements for Pinterest Buyable Pins

Buyable Pins allow Pinterest users to find and purchase your products through Pinterest's website and mobile apps, allowing you to market your products to over 100 million active monthly "pinners" on Pinterest's marketplace.

Certain merchant requirements, store settings, and product attributes must be configured prior to your store’s products appearing as Buyable Pins in Pinterest’s mobile app.

Once these requirements are met, see Selling on Pinterest for information on enabling Buyable Pins and connecting your store to Pinterest.

Merchant Requirements

  • A Pinterest business account is required. We'll automatically convert your account to a Pinterest Business account if needed. Converting to a business account will not affect your existing Pins, boards, or followers.
  • Merchants must adhere to Pinterest's Buyable Pin standards for accounts, products, and customer service.
  • Your store or business needs a publicly available returns policy.

Store Settings


Don't use USD? You can still use Rich Pins to promote your products and business on Pinterest. See Using Rich Pins for more information.

Product Attributes

  • Product must be visible.
  • Product must have a brand assigned.
  • Product must be a physical product (downloadable products are not supported).
  • If tracking inventory, product must have a Stock Level greater than zero to appear with a “Buy it” button.
  • SKUs / variants must have a value selected for each option. For example, if your product has both size and color options, both a size and a color will need to be selected for each variant.
  • Products with SKUs / variants must track inventory by option or not at all. See our Recommendation on Inventory Tracking.
  • Products without SKUs / variants must track inventory by product or not at all. See our Recommendation on Inventory Tracking.
  • Products without variants must have a SKU or UPC value set
  • Maximum 25,000 products (including variants)

Only size and color options are currently supported. More complex options or options requiring customization/personalization are not supported.

Option rules are not supported by Pinterest at this time.

To show different prices, change product weight, or show a different image for each of your variants on Pinterest, you'll need to assign those values to each of your variant SKUs. See Adding Product SKUs for more information.

Recommendation on Inventory Tracking

For the best customer experience, we recommend utilizing inventory tracking for all products. Products with inventory tracking set to "none" will be sent to Pinterest as always being in stock, which may not align to your ability to quickly fulfill orders.

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