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Removing 'Powered by BigCommerce' from the BigCommerce Mobile Theme (Blueprint)


This requires editing the code of your store. See Getting Help for avenues of assistance.

These instructions apply to our legacy Blueprint Themes that have not been customized. As always, we recommend backing up your current theme customizations before making any changes.

In order to complete these steps, you must have a WebDAV client such as CyberDuck installed on your computer. For more information see Connecting to WebDAV.

Downloading the Mobile Template

These steps apply to stores using the BigCommerce mobile theme as opposed to a responsive theme. For more information on the differences between responsive themes and the BigCommerce mobile theme, see Using the BigCommerce Mobile Theme.

1. Go to Storefront Design › Design Options, then click the Mobile tab.

2. Verify that Enable Mobile Theme and at least one device under Enable on these Devices are selected.

3. Click Download Template Files. Your mobile theme files will download in a single .zip file.

Download template files button highlighted in the Mobile tab

4. Create a new folder on your desktop and name it BigCommerce Mobile Theme Files.

5. Move the downloaded .zip file to the new folder on your desktop, then unzip the file using a program such as 7-Zip or WinZip.

Example of extracted mobile theme files.

Updating Footer.html

1. In the list of theme files you unzipped, open the Panels folder, then find Footer.html. Open it in a plain text editor such as Notepad or TextEdit.

2. Locate, then delete the following code.

<span class="powered-by">%%GLOBAL_PoweredBy%%</span>

The 'Powered by' variable in Footer.html.

3. Save your changes, then close the file.

Uploading Your Changes

1. In your control panel, go to Server Settings File Access (WebDAV), then click Download for the WebDAV client you have installed on your computer. A connection file for that WebDAV client will download to your computer.

WebDAV connection file download buttons

2. Open the downloaded file. It will automatically open a connection to your store’s server in your WebDAV client.

3. Upload the Footer.html file from the BigCommerce Mobile Theme Files folder you created earlier to the mobile_template/Panels folder in your WebDAV connection.

Example of Footer.html uploaded to WebDAV.

4. Once the upload is complete, view your store on a mobile device to verify that the Powered by BigCommerce link no longer displays.

Getting Help

Don't feel comfortable adjusting your design or want to work with an expert? Check out our BigCommerce Partner Directory or ask your question in the BigCommerce Community Ask a Design Partner Group for assistance. Due to our Design Policy, our Techincal Support is unable to edit code or make design changes.

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