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Removing 'Powered by BigCommerce' from Stencil Themes

All new stores display "Powered by BigCommerce" credits in the store's footer by default. However, you can toggle it off through Page Builder. Follow these steps to remove this text from your store.

Example of Powered By BigCommerce credit.

1. Go to Storefront My Themes, then click Customize to launch the Page Builder.

Customize button

2. Click the Header & Footer menu to expand the tab. Scroll down to Display settings. Note that this setting’s location and name may vary, depending on your store's theme.

3. Deselect Show "Powered by BigCommerce" to remove this text from your storefront. The theme preview will automatically refresh to show your changes.

Example of the Show theme credits menu option.

4. Once you are satisfied with your changes, click Publish to apply your changes to the storefront. You will see a popup, asking to confirm. Click Publish once again. This will apply your changes to the live store, and you will see an alert at the top, confirming that your theme changes has been successfully published.

If you are not ready to make your changes visible to your customers but need to take a break from customizing, click Save. This will save your current changes and load them when you’re ready to begin customizing your store again.

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