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Removing "Powered by BigCommerce" from Emails

This article covers the steps to remove the "Powered by BigCommerce" text and link from the various emails your store sends out automatically. For example, the invoice email customers receive after completing a purchase.

The Powered by BigCommerce email text.

1. Go to Storefront › Email Templates.

2. Click the + icon to the left of Snippets.

3. Click ActionEdit to the right of EmailFooter.html.

4. Depending on when your store was created, you will see one of the two following lines. Locate and delete the entire line.

%%GLOBAL_StoreName%% is powered by BigCommerce. Launch your own store for free with BigCommerce.


%%GLOBAL_StoreName%% %%LNG_HC_emailpowered%%. %%LNG_HC_emaillaunchstore%% %%LNG_HC_emailbigcommerce%%.

5. Save your changes.

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